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Well, I am a television editor who has been creating stories for broadcast, commercial and corporate clients since 1979. My tools have changed many times over the years, but the finished product is remarkably consistent-entertaining visual storytelling. Period. I love what I do and it shows.


My skills allow me to craft an engaging show by taking all the footage, music, visual and sound effects and weave them into a quality message.  My clients include Oprah Winfrey (for a total of 23 years!), NBC Network News, BBD/Chicago, Discovery Networks, A&E, History Channels, Bill Kurtis Productions, and on and on.


Today I drive software based tools including Avid Media Composer, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and ProTools. If it manipulates picture and/or sound, I'm into it. I love both the ART and SCIENCE of what I do and make it my business to be fully versed in each discipline.


Browse this site, explore my reels and let me know what you think. Tell me about your next project. My skills have been used in broadcast, commercials, series shows, news, trade shows, boardroom presentations, and web content.

I don't scare easily and love to provide options and solutions. Bring me into your project as early as you can and let's make something awesome together!


-Chuck Floramo

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